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The pictures on these next pages are not in any particular order and are only here to share with you a passion I’ve had for over 40 years and to insure my credibility as I want you to be successful in your own self-preservation and possible new business venture.
I’m available anytime you need to discuss anything.

Tony Leo
Friend, Instructor, Business Partner

Tony Leo

Founder XSOS

Who is Tony Leo?

Tony Leo started his martial arts career in 1971 and is a specialist in Self Protection. He is highly regarded as an outstanding authority, competitor, and instructor in the martial arts field, and holds black belts in Karate, Judo, and Aikido.

He has done much to educate the public as to the true nature of martial arts. He has lectured for and supported the D.A.R.E. Programs and has instructed various law enforcement agencies in self protection applications, principles, and concepts.

  • 9th degree Black Belt with 40 years self protection experience
  • Board member – world professional black belt organization
  • Past board member – National Security Alliance
  • Past top 10 national rated competitor
  • Professional tournament promoter and judge
  • Instructor of Law Enforcement, security guards, military personel
  • Received Presidential Sports Award from President Bill Clinton (1993)
  • Pepper spray certified instructor
  • Panther Productions Training Video series
  • Masters Magazine Article
  • Founder and Promoter of Women Fighting Back, XSOS, and the Shuri-Shin-Do Ryu Karate System
  • Hall of Fame Inducted into World Karate Union Hall of Fame, 1995 and 1996 as Instructor of the Year
  • Hall of Fame Inducted into American Federation of Martial Arts 1999 as Outstanding Male Competitor
  • Hall of Fame Inducted into the Master Hall of Fame July 2000
He is responsible for changing the lives of so many, giving others the confidence and self protection skills to make smart and safe decisions the moment they need to.

Tony’s goal and passion is to teach his self protection skills to you in the fastest, most effective way possible to keep you out of harm’s way.

Tony Leo, The Lost Tapes From 25 Years Ago – A Sneak Peak

Where it all began


Southern California in the early 70’s. Sensei Robert Cassingham and Sensei Eli McCoy. I was Sensei Cassingham’s first Black Belt and Sensei McCoy’s 4th Black Belt (1977).

Master Robert Trias and Sensei Pete Rabino


Followed the path of Okinawan Shuri Ryu under Sensei Pete Rabino. Promoted to Black Belt (pine tree) 1978.

My school, students and my 13 black belts


Orange County, California (1980-2000). My 13 Black Belts all drank from the same sacred Saki bottle.

Along the way I met great people and made many friends

Including Grand Master Ed Parker, Cecil Peoples, Howard Jackson, Richard Rabago, Shawn Ray, David Brock, Chuck Norris, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Bob Harris, Willie Aguilar, Steve Spry, Frank Shamrock, Matt Hughes, Forest Griffin, Bob Wall, Don Wilson, Jeff Speakman, Kathy Long, and many, many others.

My Last Black Belt Testing

April 4th, 1999

Grand Master Kaihewalu – My instructor, my friend, my martial arts brother.

Thank you Grand Master Kaihewalu, Grand Master Richard Nunez, Grand Master Lucky Luciano, Master David Dye and Master Richard Rabago. (Also with David Torres and Steve Spry)