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Xtreme Women Fighting Back


In this course you will learn how to fight back and win. You will take control of the situation and disable your attacker with confidence.


Xtreme Women Fighting Back – COMING SOON

An attacker grabs YOU….

The attacker grabs you by your hair, throws you on the ground and straddles you. Yelling obscenities he tells you in graphic details how he’s going to rape and hurt you.

What do you do?

Rape, murder, gang violence, car jacking’s and drugs have flooded the media lately. Headlines are not blown out of proportion; in fact, the reported cases represent only a small portion of the cruelty and violence across the country. Women are wondering what they can do to protect themselves. The answer is Xtreme women fighting back self-protection and awareness.

How can you tell if a person is a rapist? You can’t!

When you seek reasons for a rapist’s behavior, there does not appear to be any common sense involved. The rapist’s primary objective is not sex, but violence. Statistics bear this out.

Approximately 87% of the victims are physically injured in some way, while approximately 9% of the victims are severely beaten. Common sense, if nothing else, tells you a rapist is serious. This same common sense, if put to use properly, can be a very effective weapon.

Trained experts, individuals, and rape crisis personnel all agree that there is no specific way to describe a rapist, nor is there any way to measure the social or economic background of a rapist. It is a generally accepted concept that a rapist may use a method of operation. This method of operation is divided into five stages. It must be understood, that all rapists do not necessarily use a method of operation. The following is designed as a guideline only, to make you aware. With this awareness, you can effectively avoid a situation before it has an opportunity to begin. The five stages in his method of operation are: Visual, Verbal, physical, sexual and physical assault. You will learn to stop each stage immediately with confidence.


There are two actors in the assault drama- the aggressor assigns the roles. He casts himself as the domineering male and he assigns the role of helpless victim to his intended prey. Although the aggressor assigns the parts, you may accept or reject his choice of you as his victim. If you accept the part, you become a willing victim and you ensure the success of his plan. If you reject the role, the decision alone may be the decisive factor in your successful protection.

Never plead with an assailant; it simply assures him of your helplessness. Trying to persuade or use logic to a situation that has no logic inherent in it is ridiculous. He is not compassionate, but a violent predator. Even though you might be frightened- and it is frightening to be threatened with assault- you can show determination to protect yourself once you realize that assertive behavior is more effective than hopeless submission. You will learn when to strike, how to strike, and where to strike with conviction and a purpose.


Women have been conditioned to think that they are incapable of fighting back. My course empathically disproves this. In this course you will learn how to take advantage of the vulnerabilities typically created in the male vs. female attack. The techniques we teach are intended to be destructive and incapacitating. You deserve to fight back!!! You will take control of the situation and disable your attacker with confidence.

No Woman is immune, yet few are prepared


If you ever are attacked, remember this: If you don’t fight back, you will lose. If you do fight, your chances are very good you will escape. You must play the game to even have a chance at winning.

Attacking a woman is a power game for most men. They want you to beg them to: “Let me go,” Don’t hurt me,” “Don’t touch me there,” ” Don’t rape me,” “Don’t kill me.” Too often this is exactly what fuels them. If you see you can’t talk or reason with them, you must be prepared to do something else.

 Women Fighting Back will teach and empower you to

Think First and Act Swiftly

Your Xtreme Women Fighting Back package includes:

  • Women Fighting Back DVD featuring most common attacks on women
  • Women Fighting Back source book
  • Unlimited Training and Support
  • Customize business plan