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We read about it everyday, I don’t have to hype it, you can see for yourself. The bad guys have no regard for human life. In our lifetime, we face a higher risk of dealing with a violent assault than of being in a serious car accident. The statistics are staggering, don’t think it can’t happen to you. It can, and it happens everyday to someone.


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Destroy street predators with the brutal evolution of XSOS and take your self-protection skills to a higher level. Easy to learn, easy to teach.

What We Offer

XSOS will teach you the physical skills you need to defend yourself, and will help develop the instinctive responses you need if attacked unexpectedly. In a violent street situation you need to train your mind to attack immediately, you simply cannot afford the pause. Real fights happen quickly and usually end as fast. You will see a new level of confidence emerge that you never had before.

Be your own Bodyguard

Comprehensive, relevant and realistic protection training.  

Make the right move!

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Tonys goal and passion is to teach you in the fastest, most effective way possible to keep you out of harm’s way.


Are you prepared? Xtreme SOS is.

Street Attacks are violent and random; you never know what he’s going to do or what you’re going to do.  This streamline practical and effective reality-based system is designed to teach real self protection in the shortest possible time.  All training is based on #1 positive transfer, meaning that the skills you will learn will directly apply to your self-protection applications. And #2 all techniques must have multiple out comes and for that reason Xtreme SOS emphasizes and practices different options for each situation.  For example if your strike doesn’t work, you can take him down, or choke him out all within the same basic technique.  This is what makes Xtreme SOS a complete fighting system. You don’t need to be big, strong, fast, or devote years of practice to have effective self protection skills.

Xtreme SOS is for men and women, and is easy to learn, remember and recall under stress, and is based on logical principles and concepts that are battle proven. Know this, street predators don’t train, they simply know how to use violence as a tool. While practicing you will experience the realism of striking vital targets and nerve centers with full power. To create injury and in-capitate your attacker. You will do the exact opposite of first aid. You will start the bleeding, stop the breathing, and induce shock. Remember your dealing with violence.

The only way to survive a violent attack is to be more violent than your attacker.  This is a skill I can teach you. You will learn to channel feelings of fear and anger into an instantaneous, reflexive, and purposeful attack.  Basically you will see and feel what works, and your confidence will soar!


Founded by self protection expert Tony Leo, XSOS is a powerful, comprehensive and effective self protection system that combines various strikes, kicks and self protection techniques along with proven combat principle and molds them into a program that will transform your body into physical and mental excellence while teaching you effective self protection techniques that may one day save your life.

XSOS is a combination of my 35+ years of martial arts experience and includes various combative arts techniques tailored for a “What Works” self protection program. It does not include trophies, karate stances, acrobatics, or bowing to your opponent like traditional martial arts. There are no rules, three-minute rounds, or tapping out. XSOS is about survival and reality. XSOS is also about attitude, the attitude that you are aware and prepared. Couple this attitude with the training and repetitive self protection, you will always be one step ahead of a potential attacker. It’s harmonious balance of real world concepts and practical techniques will benefit practitioners of any art.

With this streamlined system you will learn skills that take people 5-10 years and several thousands of dollars to develop. Think about it, in just a few hours you will be able to protect yourself better than you ever thought possible.


I don’t care how big you are, how fast you are, or how strong you are. Man or women, I will teach you in the shortest possible time street survival skills that will work when your life is on the line. The time you spend with me will be more than justified by the end result.


Tony Leo Founder – XSOS Self-Offense System


EDC Tactical Training

Personal alarm, tactical pen and pepper spray training.
Learn how to strike high value targets with speed and accuracy.


Be aware, be prepared

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I’ve reviewed several self-defense programs and martial arts in the past. I was disappointed by unnecessary theories, movements, and drills that weren’t applicable to real-life self-defense situations. Tony Leo’s XSOS teaches only 100% realistic self-defense.

Paul V

Las Vegas, NV

XSOS was the most important thing I did this year. This is for real! It will save your life. It’s the only training I’ve ever had where I’m confident I could ABSOLUTELY take an attacker out!

Kristine L

Las Vegas, NV

An incredible experience. Tony and his instructors are the absolute best in their field. One of the things that surprised me was how Tony got people with no martial arts background to get their strikes’ right within a few hours. His program is effective and highly recommended.

Jamie M

Warren, MI

Tony’s way of teaching prepares you for the real world. He is intense and a perfectionist. I am more aware and have more confidence than ever before. The best self-defense program I’ve ever seen.

Jeani K

Flight Attendant, Orange County, CA

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